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We here at Polymer Components are proud to announce that we have added a sister company. Cove Plastics was purchased by Polymer Components in April of 2015. Cove Plastics is located in Dayton, TN and is an injection molding company. With eleven molding presses, ranging from 60 to 700 tons, we can handle most any small to large custom molding projects. We process all thermoplastics (re-meltable) resins.

Thermoplastic urethane elastomers

1.Outstanding toughness and superior dynamic properties.

2.Much improved thermal stability. Retain Tensile and Tear properties.

3.Withstand harsh environments at elevated temperatures.

4.Outperform other urethane and non-urethane elastomers, going beyond current applicationlimit.

TPU Process:

Lowest processing cost

High level of automation

Low waste (material recyclable) and little flash

No concern on raw materials ratio

Injection molding is a process for producing parts by injecting material into a mold.

We have on site engineering with 50+ years combined experience in part and tooling design. Our engineering department can provide drawings with the use of SOLIDWORKS 2015. We also have very experienced machinist in our state of the art CNC tooling and repair facility. Lastly, very cost efficient resources for both domestic and import molds. Like Polymer Components, Cove Plastics has dedicated employees. Quick and efficient with orders and on time deliveries. Please visit our website and social media pages for more information. You can also call 423-338-5882 or email, for more information.





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