It’s November and close to the end of another great year at Polymer Components! We recently celebrated a few milestones for three of our employees from our team.

Joe Sousa is our plant manager. Joe has been with us for 26 years. He is very dedicated to Polymer Components and is a huge part of the company’s success. Joe is very well educated and trained in polyurethane products and the processing from start to finish. Joe works hard to make sure all customer orders are correct and shipped on time. We are very proud to have Joe as our plant manager, leader and a huge part of our team.

Delores Garrett has been a part of our team for 10 years. Delores is a superb technician molder, but she can also be moved anywhere on the plant floor and handle most all jobs. Delores is an excellent team member and a helping hand to her co-workers during work hours and after work hours. Delores is very dedicated to customer wants and needs for their molds. We are also very proud to have Delores as a part of our team.

David Anderson started out on our team as a part-time employee 10 years ago. He soon decided he wanted to be part of our team full time. David is head of the custom molded products department. He is a very dedicated and dependable employee. He is also a huge asset to our team. David is always concerned to get customer orders shipped in a timely manner. We are very proud to have David as a part of our team.

We are very excited and proud of our whole team at Polymer Components. Everyone is dedicated to each of our customers and they work hard everyday. They’re always stepping up and helping each other out. Rather it be lifting, finishing a job or simply just to be a friend. We encourage team work and safety daily. And we are looking forward to many more milestones with our team!

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