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PC14-1016Tooling design is the most demanding facet of creating a quality urethane product. At Polymer Components, alongside the customer, we determine the type of processing technique best suited for the product. Customers will work closely with our engineering department throughout the tooling design process, this will determine:

  • Correct material is used
  • Quality of the parts being produced meet customers’ expectations
  • Insure the product will withstand application
  • Adjust the design if modifications are needed
  • Cost of part
  • Tolerances

With in-house tooling capabilities, Polymer Components has the ability to provide shorter lead times and manage every aspect of dimension, finish, and tolerance.

Considerations for part design:

  • Resistance to oil or chemicals
  • Tear and abrasion resistance
  • Durometer 5A to 95D
  • Load bearing capacity
  • Temperature during operation

The first stage of any custom molded urethane part is design. At Polymer Components we have the experience to aid in the development process.  We can produce a solid model of the part for the customer to review before production, and to use in tooling design. To utilize our engineering team to the fullest,  send in sample parts or drawings and we will go to work for you.Tooling and Design

Tooling for urethane cast products can produce sophisticated features allowing your design:

  • Variance in wall thickness
  • Intricate details
  • Metal inserts
  • Texture
  • Dual durometers
  • Allows for lower volume
  • Lower tooling cost

Tooling for injection molded products provides:

  • Hardened steel molds which provide longer life span of tooling
  • Minimum wall thickness
  • Uniform product

Quality molds can be made of durable materials such as steel, aluminum, silicone and urethane.

Once the designing process has been completed, we will provide the customer with a detailed quote for the product. At this point alterations can be made in terms of quantity, color or tolerance.  This will ensure our customers have the highest quality and consistency during the production process. Once we have approval from our customer we will begin the tooling process, allowing us to create the exact dimensions of the part.

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