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Polymer Injection MoldInjection molded products can be found in your home, transportation, business, hospital, grocery store and can be utilized in almost every trade worldwide. When utilizing the abilities of injection molding the variety of products can range from very simple to extremely complex. At Polymer Components, we specialize in precise injection molding parts for a wide variety of uses and industries.

What is injection molding?

Injection molding is a high production method of producing a boundless variety of thermoplastic components. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) have unique requirements for diverse molded parts. With this understanding, our OEM parts have been engineered and developed to produce precise and accurate parts.

The first injection molding machine was patented in the late 1800’s but, it was not until 1940’s the first screw injection molding machine with auger was implemented. This technique is used even today; the auger is placed inside a cylinder which blends the plastic mixture. Injection mold cavities are injected with a plastic mixture and forced under high pressure through an opening in the cavity. The product is then cooled to a solid state and ejected from the mold as a perfected component; therefore utilizing the process completely allowing thermoplastic parts to be produced in varies colors, shapes, and dimensions.

Benefits of injection molding

With the ability to produce mass volume of products,  injection molding has its benefits:

  • Lower prices
  • More than one material can be used at the same time (co-injection)
  • Very little product waste
  • Reduction in labor cost due to automation process
  • High tolerances can be repeated
  • Produces more complex products in intricate shapes
  • Ability to use inserts or fillers within the mold

 Injection molding is very versatile in design with the capability creating products such as:

  • Buttons
  • Combs
  • Bottle caps
  • Food trays
  • Medical and dental supplies
  • Car interior components
  • Shipping racks
  • Packaging
  • Computer components
  • Display components

The technique of texturizing may also be incorporated during the mold design process. CAD drawings during the design stage will allow for the modifications necessary to adjust for the exterior deviation. Texture may add useful components to your product as well such as improving grip and reduction in the deterioration of your finished product.

At Polymer Components, various textures are available for injection molded products such as:

  • Visuals (logo and /or artwork)
  • Wood Grain
  • Leather
  • Natural, matte, multi-gloss
  • Unique look by using layers of textures

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