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Cast Molding ProductsAt Polymer Components we offer a wide range of options in the designing process. Once we receive the customers drawing, it is taken to our design and tooling department for implemention. At this point, the blueprint will come to life with our 3D capabilities using current Solidworks technology. Creating the mold is the next step in our process; the mold can be produced using rubber, steel, aluminum and many other metals. Once the mold is complete, we are now ready to start producing products.

Once the mold leaves our Tooling and Design department, it is transferred to the molding and casting department. Urethane raw materials start out in a liquid state, which allows the material to be pumped, combined and allocated by machines. This provides our molding technicians with precise ingredient portions and temperature control for proper casting.

Polymer Components staffs experienced cast molders that turn your prototype into a finished product.  For each casting we inspect and prepare our molds wit he proper treatments and we process each product with precise specifications for an accurately finished cast molded product.

Cast Molding ProductsWe can produce exactly what you need

Industries worldwide utilize urethane products and parts to protect their investments. At Polymer Components we use the highest quality resins and curatives, with a wide variety of harnesseses, shapes and colors. We offer many years of experience in custom-made cast urethane, projects with intricate design and challenging applications. We offer cast urethane products in a wide range of production volumes with the ability to maintain the integrity of our customer’s blueprint and meet the demands of your casting needs.

We offer a full range of performance specifications for our cast molding process:

  • Strength
  • Impact protection
  • High and Low temperature tolerances
  • Chemical and oil resistant
  • Abrasion and tear protection

We use these specifications to build a wide array of drive rollers, idler rollers, feed rollers, large urethane rollers, cconveyor rollers, hourglass rollers, and many other options.

Cast urethane rollers come in many different shapes and sizes with proven cost reduction in the corrugated industry, medical, steel processing, mining and food processing environments.  We offer these cast molded products with: 

  • Customizable formulas
  • Wet and dry applications for FDA approved formulas
  • Hardness ranges from 5A to 85D
  • The option to refurbish used roller capabilities

Many industries today use urethane pads and saddles to provide cost effective storage, which gives the manufacturer protection against surface damage of material.  Coil Pads are made to be used with steel, brass, stainless, copper or aluminum coils. At Polymer Components we offer a wide range of cast urethane pads and saddles utilizing the storage capabilities to  the following industries:

  • Automobile Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Oil & Mining Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Military and Aerospace

Cast MoldingAdvantages to using urethane storage coils and saddles:

  • Fast installation
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Immense visibility
  • Provides stability during storage
  • Elimination of damage to coils during set downs
  • Cost effective tooling
  • Increase plant safety
  • No more coil damage from uneven coils
  • Cost effective

If you are ready to get started with your cast molding project, contact us today or request a quote.