January 2016

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January 2016

Welcome to 2016 with Polymer Components! We had a great year in 2015, and the New Year is going to be even better!

In 2015, we hired Rob LoTufo as our Engineer for team PC. Rob has 30+ years’ experience in plastics and industries. Rob is a huge attribution to our team. He is well trained in the industry and the ways of plastics. Welcome to Team PC, Rob!

Also in 2015, we hired Andy Buhl as our in house tooling manager and RD designer. Andy has 6 years’ experience with drawings, multiple software usage and creating molds. We also now have SolidWorks, which is what Andy uses daily in order to make our products the best. He will bring in more product and molds in 2016 for team PC.

Also, in 2015, we purchased a CNC machine. With this purchase, we are now able to do in-house molding and tooling. Andy runs our CNC machine with using SolidWorks. We can run products faster and more efficiently now. With orders leaving our facility in a quicker manner, our customers are more satisfied.

We also added to our company in 2015 by purchasing Cove Plastics in Dayton, TN. Cove Plastics is a huge addition to us, as we are now capable to do more products. With the purchase of Cove Plastics, we have acquired Engineer Rob LaTufo as a huge asset to our company. At Cove, we run thermoplastic products for a vast range of industries.

Team PC also gained more customers in 2015. We have lots of new products running and a huge variety of different products to offer. Contact us at any time and let us take care of your polyurethane wants and needs of 2016!!!PolymerComponentsFlyer2016

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