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Steel MillThe steel industry started to boom late 1800’s and early 1900’s in America. It is the heart of America’s infrastructure from colossal bridges, buildings, airplanes, roller coasters, to the medical equipment used in the operating rooms around the country. Each piece of steel goes through a rigorous process, mining of the iron ore requires drilling the land, blasting in the designated area and hauling the iron ore to the processing plant. Once the iron ore is received for processing the ore, fluxes and coal are formed into molten steel. The molten steel is then processed into billets, wire, slabs, sheets and rolls. The steel created is shipped throughout the world to be used by our Military, Government, Contractors, Shipyards, Railroad Systems and many more industries. Without the steel industry we would not have the massive infrastructure we do across the world.

Urethane plays a vital role in modern steel production.  Many parts that were once composed of strictly plastic or rubber have been replaced with urethane due to it’s superior qualities:

Urethane vs. Rubber Urethane vs. Plastic
Cut & Tear Resistance Elastic Memory
Superior Load Bearing Capacity Abrasion Resistance
Very High Abrasion Resistance High Impact Resistance
Oil Resistance Resilience
Colorability Cold-flow Resistance
Resistance to Radiation Thick Section Molding
Castabl Low Cost Tooling
Low Pressure Tooling Variable Coefficient of Friction
Thick Section Molding Without a Curing Gradient Efficient Noise Reduction

Urethane products built by Polymer Components are abrasion and tear resistant, chemical and oil resistant with the ability to withstand the continuous brutal operations found in the steel industry.

Let us help you improve down times, reduce repair costs, improve productivity and increase the life of your existing equipment.

We build a wide range of urethane products, including:

  • Classifier Shoes
  • Rollers
  • Pads
  • Tubes
  • Sheaves & Pulleys
  • Gears
  • Seals
  • Bushings
  • Rings
  • Nozzles

Using years of experience, we can develop virtually any urethane or polyurethane product needed by the steel industry. Our facility is equipped with state of the art machinery and knowledgeable employees. Our company offers custom molding to fit your needs, in house machine shop and SolidWorks technology. We take great pride in offering a strong reliable product