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Custom Plastic Wear and Abrasion Parts For Mining

Custom Plastic Wear and Abrasion Mining Parts

At Polymer Components we understand the importance of superior safety products in the mining industry. We offer many innovative products for the safety of miners and equipment used within the industry. Mining is a vigorous job, and the equipment used to perform day-to-day operations should be tough enough to stand up to daily use.

At Polymer Components we manufacture high-quality, high tolerance and high-temperature wear and abrasion products designed specifically for this industry. Our products have proven their durability compared to steel, brass, bronze and rubber which rapidly age in mining environments.  At our state-of-the-art facility Polymer Components offers urethane products as well as  polyurethane custom molding and casting to meet individual industry needs.

We manufacturer polyurethane and urethane into a vast variety of wear and abrasion products including gears, bushings, bumpers, pulleys, screens, chocks, blades, liners, rings, nozzles, track slides and much more.

Most of our products can be bonded to metal for use in the mining industry and we accommodate large and small product runs.

The mining industry is faced with many above ground level and below the surface challenges for extended amounts of time, which forces wear and tear on equipment. At Polymer Components, we offer top of the line custom urethanes products to meet the demands and obstacles needed for the safety and amplify service vitality of existing equipment.

Polyurethane components are superior in the industry with the ability to add stabilizers, color, lubricants and a variety of other additives. Urethane compounding offers the flexibility of design without losing the performance ability of the material.

In many mining applications, urethanes are used to produce a more profitable, durable design that will give the the end user an overall superior performance product. We understand the importance of rugged dependable wear and abrasion parts used in mining, from compression molding, to cast molding, to injection molding; we offer a superior product, in any color, form, or shape.

We custom manufacture polyurethane and urethane molded into a vast variety of products for a wide number of industries and applications:

  • Urethane pads and bumpers which endure the abuse instead of the equipment.
  • Liners which assist in steady material flow and provide low friction with no moisture absorption
  • Abrasion resistant products that are also corrosion-resistant.
  • Sheaves and pulleys offer high capacity capabilities, which are self-lubricating, and are light weight.

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