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Custom Components For Our Military

Polymer Components plastic molded military parts

At Polymer Components we take pride in offering innovative plastic and urethane products for the Department of Defense.

Our military is faced with many challenges and environments for extended amounts of time, during war time or defending our homeland. At Polymer Components we offer top of the line custom urethane products to meet the demands and obstacles needed for The United States Department of Defense and our military.

The production of polyurethane is a combination of rubber, plastic and additives, eliminating the weakness of plasticized vinyl. By eliminating the contents of plasticizers, you lose the weakness and brittleness which increases the performance when bonded to material. Polyurethane components are superior in the defense industry with the ability to add color, lubricants, stabilizers and other additives. Urethane compounding offers the flexibility of design without losing the performance ability of the material. Our military, aerospace and security branches rely on products that meet accuracy, stability, point of impact, insulating properties with high performance and overall sustainability.

At Polymer Components we understand the importance of superior parts used by the Department of Defense, our products are manufactured in a state of the art facility to provide a high quality and durable product for all branches of our military and government. From compression molding, to cast molding, to injection molding; we offer a superior molded product, in any color, form, or shape.

We manufacture military grade polyurethane and urethane molded into a vast variety of products including:

  • urethane pads
  • rods
  • sheets
  • tubes
  • gears
  • chocks
  • bushings
  • liners

These products  can be bonded to metal for use in real world military and defense applications. The Department of Defense requires strict guidelines with the expectation of a high performance, reliability, and parts to stand the test of time in extreme environments and conditions all over the world. Our parts and products provide durability with resistance to chemicals, solvents, heat and abrasion which meet or exceed military specifications and tolerances. The Department of Defense is exceptional in this country therefore; only first-rate parts and products will be used by our military and government. That is why polyurethane is preferred in this industry.

At Polymer Components, we manufacturer a wide range of plastic and polyurethane products specifically for military and aerospace use.

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