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medical equipment in hospital

At Polymer Components we offer a vast variety of innovative products for hospitals and medical professionals.

Polyurethanes have made consequential improvements to the medical industry. At Polymer Components, we produce top of the line custom urethane products to meet the demands required for continued advancement in medical and healthcare technology.

Polyurethane components are often a superior replacement to product made of metal due to their flexibility in lubricants, stabilizers and color options. Polyurethane compounding offers the flexibility of design without losing the performance ability of the material. The medical industry relies on plastic and polyurethane products to meet accuracy, stability, decisiveness, tear protection, scratch resistance and insulating properties with high performance and overall sustainability.

At Polymer Components we understand the importance of exceptional quality materials used in the medical and therapeutic industry. Our products are manufactured in a state of the art facility to provide a high quality and durable product.  From compression molding, to cast molding and injection molding; we offer a superior product, in any color, form, or shape. At Polymer Components, we manufacture polyurethane and urethane molded into a vast variety of material and hardnesses; urethane gaskets, pads, rods, sheets and liners that can used in the medical and healthcare industry. We offer products and parts that meet strict guidelines set by the FDA with the expectation of a high performance and reliability. At Polymer Components our parts and products provide durability with resistance to chemicals, solvents, heat and abrasion which meet or exceed medical specifications.

Many opportunities and material formulations make polyurethanes presence a compelling addition to the medical industry. Polyurethanes are used often in medical device applications, and their use continues to grow. At Polymer Components we manufacture a variety of custom rubber, polyurethane, injection molding, flexible thermoplastic rubber and thermoplastic urethane components. Our custom product specifications range in hardness from 5A to 85D. From the softest to the strongest, polyurethane provides an impressionable product that will outperform rubber, wood and plastic parts.

Polymer Components specializes in custom component solutions and prototypes from small to large volume. Using Solid Works Technology we have the ability to upload computer-developed models to create custom molds for the exact products needed. We are a quality based company that has been recognized for our outstanding commitment to service and overall product performance.

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