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Business Ethics Award

Polymer Components was nominated for the Business Ethics Awards sponsored by the Better Business Bureau. We are very honored to have received this recognition and nomination, due to dedicated employees, staff and vendors. We provide our customers with excellent service, product and timely delivery dates. With strong leadership skills by Polymer Components owner, Ralph Brett, we understand the importance of customer service. Our customers will continue to receive priority, respect and quick response from Polymer Components. As we strive daily to provide an excellent workplace environment for our employees, exceptional customer service, lasting relationships with vendors, local community, and local business owners.

Our customers are our number one priority and we treat them with respect. We believe in quick response to their needs and wants, as we also believe in delivering orders in a timely manner. Our customers are the most important people in our plant, whether in person, on the telephone or by mail. It is our job to handle them with the utmost skill and respect that we can provide.

We are firm believers in each employee that we have. They have stood with our company as we relocated our business in August 2013 from our Cleveland location to our Benton location. With moving to Benton, we are now in a larger facility that allows us to produce and run more products in a timely manner. Since moving to Benton, we have grown as a company and as a family known as Team PC. We provide quality products for a competitive price while being flexible enough to provide small and large volume non-metallic products. We sustain profitable growth by developing existing markets, new markets and continue our ability to be flexible. We attract and retain the best possible talent to work in a positive innovative environment.

We are thankful for the support of fellow companies and for the nomination for the award. This nomination was a highly considered honor to our company.

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